Free Online Martial Arts Classes

In conjunction with the Sheng Chi Training Center the ISSA is proud to offer online martial arts classes. The first in the series is absolutely free. You just have to sign up and you can get the entire yellow belt at no charge.

Get Your Free online lessons

If your new to Shou' Shu' this will get you a great start. If you've been around for awhile these are great bear based techniques that'll really work your basics.

If you like these we'll be offering more classes in the series. All purchases of online lessons benefit the ISSA


Jeremiah Watson's picture

Still great

You may think if its online its not that great well thats far from true they are fantastic if you do one thing "show up" key word if you show up you can learn and make sure that you show up commonly the more you show up the more you learn hope to see more people on the classes let it be online or at the school