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Thank You to all of the participants at Jenny Lind Fine Arts Festival. It was a great event as usual. The packed our classes as usual.

Good job to Shifu Miller getting through his first time.

We will be offering a special through the month of June for anyone who calls in and mentions Jenny Lind Fine Arts Festival.

Call 772-1760 to set up a free introductory lesson. You may find more information about Sheng Chi at

Below are two of the classes from today.


Flash Workouts

Flash Workouts are workout sessions organized in a flash (Think flash mobs created by Twitter). They are put on by qualified instructors but don't have the formal structure of a seminar. There often will be a suggested donation to the ISSA for attending but it is not required.

Latest Status Updates

Shifu Cazarez Looking to practice more often soon, if anyone is interested. 36 weeks ago
udigithemost low blue 2 years ago
Shihan Way 3 black belts and 4 students attending class in Tucson this Sun/Mon. Outstanding. 2 years ago
Shifu Liz » aaron Welcome! 2 years ago
Shifu Liz » S.VIJAY NAREN Welcome! 2 years ago
Shifu Liz » Emanate Welcome! 2 years ago
Shun Shifu Weaver » David316 Welcome Mr. Shipp 2 years ago
Shifu Ruzylo » Shun Shifu Weaver Thanks, its great to see Da Shifu Clark is out of retirement! I'm available to teach down here in SoCal, Orange County/Long Beach! 2 years ago
Shun Shifu Weaver Black Belt Group Feb 3! Check the Shifu group page for details 2 years ago
Shun Shifu Weaver @Shihan Way Congrats! 2 years ago
Shun Shifu Weaver » Shifu Ruzylo Welcome Shifu, we've had requests from students looking for an instructor in your area so we'll have to hook you up 2 years ago
Shihan Way Congrats to TJ Howe on his blue belt; going to teach Shifu Rhoten next week. 2 years ago
Shifu Liz @Shun Shifu Vines Hi Shifu, Hope all is well for you and yours! 2 years ago
Shifu Liz » SHIFU HENDERSON Hi Shifu, I started my training in Shun Shifu Delage's school on Miner. Finished up in Burson years later. Hope all is well. 2 years ago
Shun Shifu Vines just want to say happy new year from salt lake city utah 2 years ago

What is the number one reason you train in Shou' Shu'

Shun Shifu Weaver's picture

Self Defense
13% (2 votes)
Physical Fitness
0% (0 votes)
Developing Coordination and Balance
0% (0 votes)
Personal Development
44% (7 votes)
Staying Centered
25% (4 votes)
0% (0 votes)
19% (3 votes)
Total votes: 16

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